Artificial Intelligence Platform Innovation for MNO showcased at Arch Summit

Artificial Intelligence Platform Innovation for MNO showcased at Arch Summit
17 May 2018

In May at Arch Summit 2018, the large world-wide corporates and startups congress gathered in Luxembourg, oneFactor team showcased the next generation Artificial Intelligence Real-time Geo-tracking Platform for mobile operators to a global audience of influencers, potential partners, future customers, and executive decision makers from the corporate and venture capital communities. The oneFactor’s solution can turn MNO into an AI platform for future job automation and creating new revenue sources.

The cutting-edge solution empowered by advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms allows a mobile operator to collect and analyze location data in real time of all of the mobile devices with the top accuracy on the market - 50-60 meters - 10 times higher than the standard accuracyfor passive network-based geolocation technology. The unique solution increases accuracy of raw telecom geo-data that is the base for generating B2B VAS services for various industries: banking & online lending, insurance, retail, e-commerce, advertising, payment systems, etc.

Using the Real-time Geo-tracking Platform mobile operators increase revenue providing end-to-end AI services: dynamic pricing, location turnover forecast, media buying/selling automation and post-buy analytics, as well as optimize internal MNO processes such as stores and base stations location, direct marketing, etc.

The platform is an on-premises solution that is installed into the operator’s cloud and easily integrates with mobile operator data sources processing anonymized mobile, WEB, retail, and other industries’ data to comply with all European legal and ethical standards.

The Real-time Geo-tracking Platform has a track record of covering markets with more than 120 million people and generating 4% on top of MNO mobile revenue as non-telecom revenue. oneFactor works with mobile operators from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia, spreading its activities world-wide.

View oneFactor’s pitch here.

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