How outdoor advertising can increase CTR in digital for more than 40%

How outdoor advertising can increase CTR in digital for more than 40%
29 November 2018

oneFactor and communications Agency INO Group conducted the first multi-channel advertising campaign in St. Petersburg, which connected outdoor advertising and digital. With the help of the cloud cross-media platform SmartIndex, the audience that saw outdoor advertising was determined, communication with which was continued in digital channels. As a result of connecting online and offline advertising, CTR of advertisements increased by more than 40%. The omnichannel planning platform Smart Index, developed by oneFactor, uses impersonal data of the mobile operators, Internet companies, Wi-Fi providers, and covers about 98% of the economically active population of the Russian Federation.

During the advertising campaign carried out by INO Group for one of the largest developers of St. Petersburg, the following impersonal data were obtained using the oneFactor platform: the number of unique people who saw the advertising campaign; the average frequency of contact; the distribution of the frequency of contact among those who saw the advertising; gender; age; income; the share of motorists; marital status; distribution by areas of residence of St. Petersburg among those who saw the advertising.

As a result, a pool of more than 3.4 million people representing a unique audience of the advertising campaign was formed.

Additional filters were applied to the total audience: contact frequency - 5+ (this frequency provides sufficient memorization of the advertising message in outdoor advertising, i.e. this part of the audience is most likely to be able to recognize further communication in digital channels as a continuation of the already made contact); age-27-37 years (in accordance with the data on the core of the target audience of the advertised residential complex); residents of the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg (in accordance with data on one of the segments of the target audience); income per person - from 45 thousand rubles. per month (audience potentially having the necessary funds to consider buying an apartment).

As a result, an audience was formed to work on the advertising platform MyTarget. Further communication took place on the resources Group, partner sites, social networks Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte. The final audience with which it was possible to continue communication online, made 105 thousand people.

To assess the effectiveness of the omnichannel company, the Agency INO Group compared its results with the performance of a similar campaign conducted only on the Internet, targeting for which was exposed in MyTarget. Targeting parameters were chosen as similar as possible to those applied to the collected DMP: age, residence/permanent stay in the Primorsky district, income. The same creatives were used for both campaigns. The test period was 3 weeks. The hypothesis was that the audience that had already seen the outdoor advertising, i.e. with which a certain frequency of contacts has already been dialed, it will more actively interact with the advertising message in digital channels.

The results of the project showed that targeted communication with potential consumers who had seen advertising on the streets of the city, allowed to increase the CTR of ads in digital by more than 40%.

"We see great potential in working with such technologies. We also implement two-stage campaign planning in outdoor advertising, combining classic market tools and technologies based on big data and algorithms. This is an extremely promising solution that makes outdoor advertising a modern and predictable media channel, and effectively and predictably connecting online and offline omnichannel campaigns – a reality," - said Artem Sosnovsky, development Director of INO Group.

"oneFactor technology has undeniable advantages in the advertising market. To date, only combined Telecom data with data from other industries can provide advertisers with the required measurement accuracy and high Federal coverage close to 100%. We are constantly developing our services and today SmartIndex serves as a platform for cross-media advertising and is used to personalize communications with the client," - comments Maxim Voevodsky, Director of Analytics and algorithms at oneFactor.

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