More than 900,000 fans are connected to cellular networks in Russia

More than 900,000 fans are connected to cellular networks in Russia
21 June 2018

Since the beginning of the 2018 World Cup, more than 900,000 fans from countries-participants have come to Russia, which was evaluated by oneFactor based on cellular network data. 300,000 of the foreign guests use Apple smartphones, more than 200,000 - Samsung, another 50,000 - Huawei.

TOP-3 countries by the amount of fans in the Russian Federation since June 13:

Sweden - about 170,000 people

Germany - 160,000 

Poland - 85,000

Inside the Garden Ring in Moscow:

Germany - about 20,000 fans

Mexico - 13,000 

Brazil - 12,000

More than 30% of visitors of the 2018 World Cup access mobile Internet using a foreign SIM card. Fans call less often than they use mobile Internet. Only 7% of tourists make voice calls from their SIM cards. Most often calls are made by Moroccans - 35% of people among the tourists from this country make voice calls. The least likely to call are Colombians and Costa Ricans: the latter prefer to buy Russian sim cards and call home from them.

According to oneFactor, only 6% of the fans who visited Russia use their phones in the underground. Most often, the phones in the metro are Mexicans (37%) and Argentines (33%). The least of all are the Belgians (less than 1%).

oneFactor particularly monitors the numbers and analises the audience of the 2018 FIFA World Cup with the help of the SmartIndex platform, measuring the conversion of advertising campaigns into targeted actions for various types of media.

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