oneFactor co-founded the Association of big data market participants

oneFactor co-founded the Association of big data market participants
17 October 2018

oneFactor, MegaFon, Mail.Ru Group, Tinkoff Bank, Yandex and Sberbank founded the Association of market participants of big data. COO of MegaFon Anna Serebryanikova was elected as the president of the organization. The main objective of the Association - to create conditions for development in the field of big data in Russian technologies and products. The volume of big data for the market five years may reach 500-800 billion rubles.

Association members will be engaged in the creation of common principles and standards for the handling, store, transfer and use of big data. Joint development will form the basis of treatment policy of big data for each company - Association member. Priority tasks of the organization - business-market-oriented development strategy of big data, increase of the technical and operational efficiency of interaction between industry players as well as the formation of a code of ethics to protect the interests of users.

The Management Board of the Association includes representatives of all the companies-founders.

"The market of big data see the urgent need for the establishment of flexible and transparent rules for business development. We have created a self-regulatory organization, whose activities will be based on the general principles of privacy of personal information, the right to anonymity and control over the use of personalized data. Creating a safe environment of big data helps to shape new markets and innovative products. According to our estimates, general economic impact and revenue growth of all industries in Russia due to the use and processing of big data in the medium term (five years old) can achieve 0.5-1.5% GDP - said Anna Serebryanikova, COO of MegaFon, President of the Association of Big Data. - The organization is open to accept new members. So one of the first in the Association is planning to start Gazprombank. Rostelecom is also considering joining the association.

"Our participation in the Big Data Association - is an opportunity to develop common standards and approaches for working with big data, contribute to an increase in the rate of growth of this market, its qualitative development. We, as one of the big data Pioneer, has long seen the need for a deeper and more effective cooperation between telecom companies and financial sector players, as well as other industries. We hope that the work of the Association will benefit the high-tech and manufacturing sectors of the economy. Russia will strengthen its leading position in technology in the international market", - noted CEO of oneFactor Roman Postnikov.

"We have consistently opposed any collection and use of these commercial entities without the user's consent and believe, that the association should become a platform for the formation of uniform and transparent rules of interaction", - said Boris Dobrodeev, CEO of Group in Russia.

"We believe, that the Association can become an expert platform, where the joint efforts of business and government will be able to develop common principles for working with big data. Our first priority - to develop industry guidelines and standards, which will help to understand the concepts, what is considered to be big data? what - no. Our experience is not inferior to the world. Russian technology companies can work together to effectively and promptly resolve any questions on this subject. Together we can develop a common code of ethics for companies working with big data", - Igor Alekseev, Deputy Director of Corporate Affairs and working with government agencies of Yandex.

"Association of big data to create a very timely, as it will allow all of the key market players and industry experts to sit down at a negotiating table and work out common standards for the interaction of big data including with the participation of the state. In Tinkoff Bank in this area, we have built up a great expertise we will be happy to share with the market and the regulator to work out solutions with the participation of the Association encouraged the further development of the economy ", - commented Valeria Pavlyukova, Director of the Legal Department, Deputy Chairman of the Tinkoff Bank.

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