oneFactor launched a cloud platform for retail

oneFactor launched a cloud platform for retail
05 October 2018

oneFactor, the developer of services based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, has launched a cloud-based platform for retail, which allows to identify and profile customers on the basis of its own data analytics of retailers in the union with those of mobile operators, the Internet-companies and Wi-Fi-providers.

The company's technology enables real-time identification of the buyer determine his portrait and product recommendation form. Using the platform oneFactor allows retailers to evaluate the potential of the location of points of sale through the search for potential buyers of its product line, to find the optimum location for the opening of new points to the same range, conduct supertargeting and look-a-like modelling of the target audience, predict turnover, measure the conversion of advertising campaigns in the targeted actions. eg. visits or receipts, conduct omni-channel and advertising campaigns, etc.

The services of oneFactor has already managed to test Russia's largest seller of products on the Internet "Utkonos". Platform of the company has identified consumers productomat* of the network "Utkonos". The analysis revealed that 55% of orders are made with delivery to productomat in the immediate vicinity of the work and only 15% of orders - near the homes of buyers. This is due to the fact that customers-motorists do not want to spend time after work to visit the store or wait at home for the courier. The average receipt of the order in productomat near workplaces is larger in the average of 20%, due to the reluctance of customers to order large quantities of goods without the ability to deliver them quickly to the fridge.The core of the target audience using productomat are women aged among 25-45 years with income above the average for Moscow.

In the next stages of cooperation to increase the target audience coverage is planned to optimise the existing productomat of "Utkonos" network in accordance to the basic pattern of their use and to develop personalised offers for each customer based on behavioural characteristics and run omni-channel advertising campaigns in order to optimise the advertising budget while maintaining performance in scope and conversion.

"Today, new technologies for the retail sector is not a fashionable know-how. It is a survival tool in a competitive market. Retailers are increasingly asking questions - how to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, determine the portrait of target audience, and to use targeting, select the optimal location for the opening of the outlet, calculate the conversion from offline-channels, forecast demand and affect the increase in sales. The oneFactor platform helps to solve all these problems. We want to use the maximum capacity and high-tech solutions to predict the needs of our customers and respond to their changes in real time ", -noted the project manager of productomat of "Utkonos" Tatiana Ivanova.

"This year, oneFactor has launched a range of innovative services for retail. Our clients are the largest Russian companies. and we are pleased that the Internet-hypermarket Utkonos is also included in that number. Our platform is already helping both online and offline retailers to improve the efficiency of their business in many directions: ranging from the optimisation of its own network and customer base to managing through the recommendation system based on the combined data analytics retail and other industries ", - commented the director of analytics and algorithms oneFactor Maxim Voevodsky.


the Internet-hypermarket Utkonos is engaged in trade of food and related products.The company provides delivery of products, baby products and household chemicals, products for animals and much more in Moscow and a number of districts of the Moscow region.

Productomat* - a comprehensive. fully automatic machine for dispensing and storing food. including perishable products to operate in a mode 24/7.

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