iPhone 7 is the most-used by football fans

iPhone 7 is the most-used by football fans
15 June 2018

According to oneFactor, the richest fans are the guests from Saudi Arabia. iPhone X is the most-used by football fans from that country - about 20% of fans. In the host cities as of June 13th, there were more than 6,000 guests from Saudi Arabia. The poorest fans are from Senegal, the most popular device among them is Samsung Galaxy J2.

The analysis is made on the basis of the cost of mobile phones with which the fans of the participating countries came to Russia.

The most popular devices among fans from different countries who came to Russia:

Saudi Arabia - iPhone X (20% of fans)

Brazil - Apple iPhone 7 (12% of fans)

Peru - Apple iPhone 7 (11% of fans)

Australia - Apple iPhone 6 (9.5% of fans)

Argentina - Apple iPhone X (9% of fans)

Senegal - Samsung Galaxy J2 (9% of fans)

South Korea - Samsung Galaxy S7 (7% of fans)

Tunisia - Samsung Galaxy J5 (4% ​​of fans)

As of June 13th, more than 180 thousand people from the participating countries were present in the cities hosting the World Cup. The most popular mobile device among them was iPhone 7.

TOP-3 most popular mobile devices among fans from the countries participating in the 2018 World Cup:

Apple iPhone 7 - more than 10,000 devices

Apple iPhone 6 - more than 7,000 devices

Apple iPhone X - about 7,000 devices

oneFactor analysts specially monitor the numbers and profile the audience of the FIFA 2018 World Cup matches with the help of the SmartIndex platform, measuring the conversion of advertising campaigns into targeted actions for various types of media.

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