Risk management automation

With extensive experience, oneFactor offers proven advanced solutions to the financial sector and insurance market for effective interaction with clients. Optimize and automate your business-operations with cloud services oneFactor, based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. The reliability and financial results of your company depends on depth and accuracy of your clients’ profile analytics. Enhance your scoring systems with your clients’ behavioral profiles or use already complete solution from oneFactor.

  • Credit scoring
  • Analysis of client’s solvency
  • Estimating probability of default, occurrence of insured event, outflow of customers, non-return of receivables, fraud
  • Improving your own scoring systems
  • Analysis of loan portfolio risks
  • Automated creation of the best offer
  • Estimating acceptance of cross-sell-offers
  • Definition of the most effective communications with client
  • Choosing optimal locations for cash machines and offices, working hours and time for loading ATMs
Retail automation

Automate decision-making and optimize business processes in your company. Use oneFactor cloud services for development and management of trade networks, transport planning and urban infrastructure management. With the help of the unique technologies that have no analogues on the market today, we will help you to increase the efficiency of your business and gain significant competitive advantages.

Improve efficiency in development and management of retail networks

  • Measuring number of visitors to retail stores
  • Audience profiling
  • Estimation of customer flow conversion into checks
  • Forecast of turnover for a particular location
  • Estimating sales potential for any location
  • Competitor analysis
  • Recommendations for optimal store locations
  • Look-a-like search for similar store locations

Optimize route network and increase ticket revenue

  • Routing and schedule management
  • Route analysis
  • Estimating passenger transportation for all types of transport
  • Recommendations for transport infrastructure costs optimization

Define the best price for sellers and buyers

  • Optimal assortment planning
  • Competitive environmental analysis
  • Recommendations for increasing sales and maximizing profits
  • Recommendations for logistics costs optimization

Get solutions for city-management

  • Estimating actual population size
  • Analysis of population structure and dynamics
  • Traffic flows modelling
  • Recommendations for transport and urban infrastructure optimization
  • Recommendations for Master Plan projects and transport modelling
  • Analytics for government authorities
Advertising automation

Do you want to communicate with your customers in a highly effective way and get the most out of outdoor advertising? Entrust SmartIndex the management of your advertising campaign and the unique system, based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, will allow you to effectively purchase and manage OOH and DOOH advertising in accordance with the needs of your company. The interactive web-interface of the media planner will make our services simple and convenient in use.

  • Media measurement of outdoor advertising
  • Creating the optimal address plan
  • Profiling the audience on a wide range of parameters and behavioral characteristics
  • Look-a-like modeling of the audience by standard
  • Real-time targeting of DOOH
  • Automation of media planning
  • Automated placement of relevant creatives
  • Extended post-buy analytics of advertising campaigns
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