Optimization of route network and increase in ticket revenue


One of the largest transport companies

  • Estimating passenger transportation for all types of transport
  • Route analisis
  • Estimating and forecasting loss of passengers
  • Declining sales analysis

oneFactor and one of the largest transport companies launched the joint project to optimize routes and increase ticket revenue. In the beginning, the company used GeoMind to assess passenger transportation to determine the size and detailed characteristics of the market and its share. The service, based on Artificial Intelligence, estimated in real time the exact volume of passenger traffic, routes information and analyze all types of transport. Additionally, GeoMind allowed to determine passengers’ solvency and the nature of travel (business trips, tourism, personal needs).

GeoMind analyzed the route Moscow - Volgograd - Moscow for the period of May holidays and determined that passenger traffic grew by 6.8% in comparison with the same period last year. It occurred, that 70% of travelers preferred to travel by car - this figure had slightly increased, as the federal highway "Don" was repaired and it was much convenient and faster to move around. That caused increase in the number of flights. But the number of people who prefer to travel by railway remained practically the same.

Also, GeoMind calculated the outflow of regular passengers of the railway transport for the given route during the year achieved 8.3%: about half of them moved to cars, and the rest chose air travel.

In addition, the service was used to encourage passengers to purchase tickets for a particular direction. GeoMind determined, analyzed and predicted the loss of passengers, drop in sales, loss of market share, occupancy of wagons, etc. That allowed the transport company to react flexibly and promptly to all changes, for example, to make discounts on tickets, provide advertising campaigns, change route schedule.


GeoMind allows you to analyze more than 5 types of transport and over 8 billion registrations of events per day. The service is a universal cloud solution and determines the specific list of parameters for each client.

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