Growth in the volume of loans without increasing cost-of-risk


One of the largest regional banks with a developed network of units in various regions of Russia.

  • Credit scoring for regions
  • Imroving bank's scoring system
  • Business-processes automation
  • Automated creation of the best offer

One of the largest regional banks used SmartMachine to assess credit risks, improve its scoring system and automate processes within the company.

oneFactor technology based on the analysis of client's behavior profile allowed to enrich the bank’s scoring system and significantly increase the accuracy and speed of decision making. After successful implementation of SmartMachine to assess credit risks by the number of issued cards, the bank made a decision to expand cooperation with oneFactor and use the analytics service for the entire bank’s client base.

SmartMachine was also used to automatically generate individual offers for bank customers, choose the optimal time and channel of communications. The service allowed not only to make the client the best personalized offer, but also significantly reduce the burden on the bank’s call center, while increasing the sale of new products.

To date, over 75% of all loans in Russia have been issued using SmartMachine.


The innovative technology of oneFactor to assess credit risks helped the regional bank to increase the volume of loans by 9% without increasing cost-of-risk, that led to the profit growth by 40,5 mln per year.

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