About us


Our team is composed of highly experienced technical professionals with proven track record of developing artificial intelligence services and recommendation systems based on big data, bringing strong commercial impact to our clients. We are located in two R&D centers in Moscow and N.Novgorod with over 60 data scientists and developers.

Roman Postnikov
Roman Postnikov Chief Executive Officer
Maxim Voevodsky
Maxim Voevodsky Chief Data scientist and analytics Officer
Denis Kuznetsov
Denis Kuznetsov Head Architecture and integration

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Our history

December 2011
MegaFon Big Data team setup
Geo Services
Machine Learning
February 2013
geospatial analytics service launch
June 2013
machine learning service launch
July 2013
first Geo Service client signed
December 2013
service presented at Moscow Urban Forum
January 2014
service used by Moscow government
January 2014
first Machine Learning financial client signed
September 2014
first Machine Learning non-financial client signed
June 2015
service used by Kazan government
December 2015
OneFactor setup – separated team with technical partnership with MegaFon
December 2015
first Geo Service client outside Russia signed
December 2015
service being used by banks obtaining 67% of Russian consumer credit market
April 2016
first Machine Learning client outside Russia signed