Artificial Intelligence services
for business

Easy to setup SaaS services Easy to setup SaaS services 10 lines of code to start working
Unique data already included Unique data already included we already collect and use the best available data
Requests fulfilled since 2014 129 696 153 requests fulfilled since 2014


Machine Learning
Machine learning service is a scalable machine learning technology combined with unique data to improve your business profitability and operations
Risk management
Reduced cost of risk by 8-12%
Application scoring
Portfolio scoring
Antifraud to secure transactions
Customer experience management
Increased conversion rate by 2-3 times
Churn prediction
Product recommendations
Customer journey personalization
Geo Recommendation
GeoRecommendation service provides ready-to-use recommendations for your business based on location data from mobile networks and other sources enriched with demographic and behavior profiling
Transportation route optimization
Over 600 million daily analyzed transport tracks
Transport models across the whole industry (air-rail-road)
Transport infrastructure costs optimization
Ticket revenue uplift
Retail expansion
Evaluated daily over 500 thousands potential POS locations
Optimal POS location
Optimal HoReCa location

How it works


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Ренесанс Кредит
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