oneFactor launched AI platforms for MNO future job automation

oneFactor launched AI platforms for MNO future job automation
06 марта 2018

During the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, the world's largest gathering for the telecommunications industry, oneFactor presented the cutting-edge solutions turning MNO into an AI platform for future job automation through Machine and Deep Learning technologies - Competitor Subscribers Intelligence Platform and Real-time Geo-tracking Platform.

The oneFactor’s AI enabled MNO platforms easily integrate with mobile operator data sources processing anonymized mobile, WEB, retail, and other industries’ data to comply with all European legal and ethical standards.

The platforms have a track record of covering markets with more than 120 million people and generating 4% on top of MNO mobile revenue as non-telecom revenue.

# Competitor Subscribers Intelligence Platform

With the help of the Competitor Subscribers Intelligence Platform, any MNO can manage not only their own subscribers’ database, but ALL mobile phone users in the country. Using proprietary Machine Learning algorithms based on neural networks, the oneFactor's platform collects data and builds a behavioral profile for EACH mobile subscriber in the country. Using the platform MNO gets a strong competitive advantage and executes target marketing on ALL competitor subscribers.

Also, the Competitor Subscribers Intelligence Platform generates new non-telecom revenue streams through a pre-installed set of B2B VAS services for banking & online lending, insurance, retail, e-commerce, advertising, payment systems operators, etc. All that turns MNO into an AI platform for business development and innovation for a country's local economy.


# Real-time Geo-tracking Platform

The Real-time Geo-tracking Platform allows to collect and analyze location data in real time of all of the mobile devices with the top accuracy on the market - 50-60 meters. 10 times higher than the standard accuracy for passive network-based geolocation technology. Thanks to proprietary Deep Learning AI algorithms, the platform achieves this level of accuracy just through typical geo data sources - CDRs and Signaling traffic. No investments into expensive LBS platforms are required.

Proven track record:

  • load of over 80,000 messages per second for a mobile operator
  • more than 48 million subscribers

Internal MNO processes to maximize revenue:

  • stores location optimization
  • dynamic pricing
  • base stations location optimization

The Real-time Geo-tracking Platform has revolutionized OOH advertising in Russia through the launching of a B2B VAS service for advertising agencies and brands - Targeted OOH. For the first time in the world, AI targeted and placed digital OOH advertising without cameras, beacons, or other sensors.

If you're interested in diversifying your business and monetizing your own Big Data, oneFactor experts will share the insights with you how to benefit from implementing your own telecom data into innovative solutions for a wide range of industries – banking & online lending, insurance, retail, transport, outdoor advertising.

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